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Thank you for your interest in the acclaimed Warnings: The True Story of How Science Tamed the Weather.

These videos are related to stories in the book. For example, the horrific, and once frequent, wind shear plane crashes (see the video of the crash of Delta Flight 191) have been eliminated by the courage and dogged determination of one meteorologist. Weather-related train derailments are far less frequent than before AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions invented track-specific tornado warnings. Warnings is a story about the people behind the storm warning system that saves thousands of lives every year.

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Severe Weather and Railroads Don't Mix
Tornadoes and trains don't mix. This video shows a rare winter tornado striking a train on the Wisconsin-Illiinois border. This was recorded by the locomotive's "black box" camera. You begin to see high winds in the trees behind the train at 58 seconds. Debris and trees being toppled begin at 1:02. The sound of the brakeline being severed can be heard in the background at 1:09 and the hopper in the foreground begins to topple.
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Time-Lapse Video of Microburst
You see two ordinary rainshowers outlined in white. At left, you will see a microburst descend and flow outward from left to right. There is a brief curling on the leading edge of the outflowing air. Any aircraft trying to penetrate this would almost certainly crash. Winds gusted over 50 mph and caused minor damage.
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The Delta 191 Computer Simulation
This is the first-ever computer simulation used at trial in a federal court. The sound is from the microphones in the cockpit of the Lockheed L-1011 aircraft. The darker shading at 6:05:20 is the heavy rain. The wind shear from the microburst is encountered a second or two before the aircraft enters the heavy rain.
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Miracle at Greensburg
Under a spectacular double rainbow, Mike Smith presented Miracle at Greensburg to the people who actually lived it -- the citizens of Greensburg, Kansas. They learned, for the first time, what went on behind the scenes to save their lives.
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Declining Death Rates
Tornado warnings have eliminated 95% of tornado deaths compared with their peak in the 1930s. These charts indicate the decrease in death rates (deaths per 100,000 people) for cancer, motor vehicles and tornados. Decreases have been made in all three areas, with the progress made in curbing storm deaths being the most dramatic.
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